Hair Transplant Procedures In Winnipeg

June 4, 2018 By visagecc visagecc

When you are losing your hair, it may seem like you are losing a piece of yourself. You may feel like a stranger is staring back at you each time that you check yourself in the mirror. You don’t want to let your hair continue to do a disappearing act, but you don’t know what you can do about it. Wigs aren’t comfortable for you. You’re considering a hair transplant in Winnipeg. Before you sign yourself up, find out what your options there are to give you a fuller, healthier head of hair once again.

What are Common Hair Transplant Procedures?

When you choose to have a hair transplant in Winnipeg, your specialist can pinpoint a location on your scalp where you have healthy hair growth. Your specialist may choose to remove a strip of your scalp in a procedure known as follicular unit transplantation. Otherwise, individual follicles may be removed through a procedure known as follicular unit extraction. Hair is removed typically from the back of your scalp because this area is least susceptible to hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss.

Which Method is Best for You for Hair Transplantation?

For both types of procedures, you can have your scalp numbed in the areas where hair follicles are being removed and where they are being transplanted. Your surgeon then makes small incisions in the bald areas of your scalp in order to transplant your hair follicles. If you choose the unit transplantation, the procedure is shorter and a larger area can be covered with healthy follicles at one time. If you choose unit extraction, you may have a brief recovery time. Stitches won’t be necessary. However, this process takes much longer as one follicle is extracted at a time. Both types of transplants will eventually help you to restore hair growth in areas that are balding.

Learn More About Your Hair Transplant Options In Winnipeg

If you have had enough with thinning hair and want your hair to fill in once again, make an appointment to discuss hair transplant alternatives in Winnipeg. Your reach out to us here at Visage Cosmetic clinic to speak to one of our professionals and evaluate your scalp, address any underlying issues that are contributing to your hair loss, and discuss your options for hair transplants. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!