3D Skin Assessment via Vectra

May 2, 2018 By visagecc visagecc

As you are considering different cosmetic treatments and procedures, wouldn’t you just love to be able to see what you would look like after treatment to decide if it is right for you? You no longer have to wish that this was a possibility. We invite you to learn about the benefits of a 3D skin assessment via Vectra®.

One of the most common ways an individual can decide if a certain cosmetic procedure is right for them is by looking at before and after photographs. This can give a person a basic idea of what a particular treatment may look like. For example, you can simply look on the Internet and see what people look like before and after a facelift. However, this does not really help you see what you would look like after one. For this reason, we are happy to offer 3D skin assessments via Vectra®.

When you have a Vectra® skin assessment performed, you are going to be able to get an accurate idea of what you will look like after a particular treatment or procedure has been performed. This is a 3D imaging service that takes all of the guessing out of cosmetic treatments. You don’t have to see the results that others have had. You can choose a treatment and then you will be able to look at a 3D image of what it will look like on you.

When the Vectra® assessment is first done, you are going to get a detailed image of what you will look like once your desired treatment has been performed. Then we can manipulate that image in order to address any concerns that you may have. You will be able to work with our surgeons and highly qualified medical professionals in order to improve aspects of your appearance that you feel unsatisfied with.

You no longer have to just hope for the best when it comes to using cosmetic treatments and procedures. Using a 3D skin assessment via Vectra® allows us to actually show you what you will look like afterward. You no longer get just a verbal description and hope for the best. This will help you to make a solid decision that you will be happy with.

Using this amazing technology will give you a lot more confidence when deciding if a procedure is right for you. Reach out to us here at Visage Cosmetic Clinic to learn more.  Contact our office today to set up a consultation.