What are some of the different types of dermal fillers?

April 8, 2020 By visage

Hyaluronic acid injection for facial rejuvenation procedureThe world of fillers and injectables contains an array of different choices that suit your specific needs, ranging from fillers to plump up areas of the face, collagen-stimulating fillers to work over time, and neurotoxins that block nerve receptors to smoothen out lines. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume and fullness in the face that is often lost from aging, external factors, or genetics. You might also be wondering, what are the differences between dermal fillers and Botox? Dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin and can be used for scarring, enhancing facial features, dealing with signs of aging, and sculpting the face. Most dermal fillers are composed of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring component that is what helps skin structure, hydration, and tone.    

 Dermal fillers are commonly used for three reasons: to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, to enhance facial volume, and to sculpt and enhance certain aspects of the face. They can plump up the skin to create a smooth surface and ease unwanted expression lines, create a lifting effect, and correct asymmetries or augment features like the lips or nose.

 Some of the FDA approved dermal fillers on the market include Radiesse, Hylaform, Esthélis, Captique, Aquamid, Sculptra, Juvederm, and more. Depending on what you are looking to treat, whether it be bunny lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, or marionette lines, certain dermal fillers are more suitable than others.



Neurotoxins temporarily block the nerve receptors of the muscles to allow any lines and wrinkles to soften and dissipate, and prevent them from forming. 


Hyaluronic acid

 Hyaluronic acid is often synonymous with the brand Juvederm. This popular injectable filler is extracted and reformulated for both cosmetic and non-cosmetic purposes. It is commonly used for several depressions and contours in the skin, like facial scarring, deep smile lines, acne scars, and more, as it fills in the space between the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers to remove creasing.


Calcium-based fillers and Poly-L-Lactic Acid fillers

 Calcium-based fillers are an ideal choice for those who have sensitive skin and are looking for natural results. It is often used for enhancing fullness of the cheeks and facial contours, improving volume in facial wasting areas, and treating moderate to severe creases like frown lines or marionette lines. These fillers give both an immediate effect and a long-term collagen-stimulating effect.

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