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Doctor prescribed, UniverSkin meets each individual's unique needs by a made-to-measure approach.  UniveSkin introduces formulas that are carefully selected for your specific skin concerns through an innovative skin assessment. 

In order to efficiently target each patient’s specific concerns, Universkin has developed a color alphabet based on the skin’s vital functions.

Step 1

Complete your skin assessment

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Receive your skin diagnostic

Step 1

Have us create your personalized formula

One serum will last between 6 and 8 weeks according to the direction for use (4 to 6 drops day and/or night). As your skin and environmental change around you, so will your formula. 

Oxidative Stress

A proven method to fight oxidative stress which is associated with sun exposure, smoking, pollution and poor diet leading to the production of free radicals is to apply antioxidants.  This will attack free radicals which are evident in skins with uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and changes in the texture of the skin.  Universkin offers many antioxidant actives which help repair, protect and kick-start your skin.

Skin Appearance

Reverse the signs of premature again with UniverSkin’s powerful active ingredients.  Volume loss, wrinkles and sagging skin are all results of hormonal changes and natural aging.  The creation of a personalized formula which targets cellular renewal at its core, the blended actives specific to you hydrates, strengthens and boosts elasticity. 

Skin Redness

Universkin’s anti-inflammatory formula is free from chemical preservatives which offers a pure skincare solution to reduce chronic inflammation and repair sensitive skin.  Inflammation is seen in the form of broken capillaries, rashes and can result in flushing or tingling.  Hormonal imbalance, climate changes and allergies to certain foods can cause hypersensitivity.  With the help up Universkin Anti-inflammatory formula.

Skin dryness and Dehydration

Delivering powerful, pure active ingredients, Universkin effectively soothes, hydrates and repairs the skin’s precious barrier.  Environmental aggressors like changes in temperature, lack of sleep and hormonal changes may cause the skin to become parched.  Universkins blend of pure active ingredients treat dehydration and restores the skin's glow. 

Skin Texture

Allow Universkin’s personalized formulas and pure actives melt away dead skin cells which will aid in restoring the skin’s supple texture and reveal a soft, youthful glow. 

Skin Oiliness

There are many causes for increased sebum production.  Genetics, changes in lifestyle and changes in hormonal levels are all factors.  Allow Universkin to restore the skin’s balance by delivering sebum-regulating actives directly to the concerning areas.  Each formula is carefully created and takes your specific symptoms into account while balancing, toning and softening the skin. 

Skin Pigmentation

Hereditary, age and different medications are all culprits of skin discoloration.  This can lead to visible patches or darkening around injured sites and age spots.  Universkin’s blend of intense actives help regulate pigmentation, diminish dark spots and restore your luminous complexion.


Hormonal imbalances may cause excess production of sebum which cause pimples.  Allow Universkin’s freshly blended ingredients selected based on your skins needs neutralize bacteria, calm inflammation,repair and rebalance your skin’s flora. 

Universkin brings our doctor’s logic to your skincare.

Universkin is more than just skincare, it's a workout plan specific to your skin’s needs.

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