Treatment Plan For Hydrafacial

October 2, 2019 By visage

When it comes to obtaining and maintaining healthy-looking skin throughout time, over-the-counter products just don’t cut it. Over-the-counter products have some effectiveness for the top skin layers only. However, this is definitely not good sometimes because the deeper dermal layers are where nutrients and hydration are primarily needed for overall skin health. Because of this, it’s vital to obtain a more effective skin care treatment. This is where HydraFacial® comes into play.

With HydraFacial®, brittle skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, liver spots, age spots, acne scars, melasma, and other hyperpigmentation types are all targeted, and immediate results are noticed. As a result, the skin will be more radiant, clearer, and smoother due to the deeper level of cleaning, the required moisture for skin health, and the embedding of nutrients that accelerate collagen production. Also, the results of the HydraFacial® procedure will last for quite a while.

The treatment plan for HydraFacial® includes multiple steps, which involve:

Exfoliation – the removal of dirt, makeup, dead skin, and other impurities is done to eliminate the negative effect those impurities have on the skin. The process varies; however, it generally includes loosening damaged and dead skin and opening pores. Then, a gentle peel is applied to treat the upper epidermal layer, followed by using other processes to open the pores in order to remove the impurities collected in enlarged pores.

Hydration – moisture is very important for healthy skin because it enables smoothness, flexibility, and a healthy skin glow. The nourishing process with HydraFacial® is done by the embedding of adequate nutrients into the dermal layers for proper reproduction. This, in turn, will enable the skin to hold and retain moisture and nourishment.

Nutrition – proper nourishment is needed to maintain a great appearance. The nutrients infused may include peptides, antioxidants, and other needed nutrients that are pressed in and beneath the upper dermal layers with a specialized device.

Having nice skin is the main key to being attractive, and only a few other things contribute to one’s attractiveness. Furthermore, having great skin makes you feel better, and people will be more drawn to you. With HydraFacial® skin care treatments at Visage Cosmetic Clinic in Winnipeg, you can obtain and maintain healthy skin. Your skin will be more even in texture and tone, and the skin will be smooth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more information!