IPL Treatment and How it Works

October 2, 2019 By visage

The facial skin becomes easily damaged by overexposure to the sun. This is particularly true with mature adults. Those dealing with the aftereffects of sun damage no longer produce collagen as effectively as they once did, and brittle, unevenly toned skin is the result. IPL treatments can help correct this problem and sometimes even reverse the signs of aging skin.

At one time, IPL was considered an effective treatment only for those with lighter skin tone, but recent advancements in light energy delivery techniques has opened up this treatment for those with a greater amount of melanin in their skin. If you’re unfamiliar with photofacial treatments, we offer you the chance to learn more. Below, we outline the treatment and its benefits.

How IPL Treatments Work

Many people confuse IPL treatments with laser therapy. The two treatments are actually quite different. The instrument used in IPL therapy delivers broad-spectrum light, meaning that various wavelengths are produced. Although the light beams are tightly focused, the energy is somewhat weaker than what a laser produces.

The reason for using a wide range of wavelengths is so that the dermatologist can have more control over which tissues absorb the energy. Light waves of a certain frequency will pass right though some tissues only to be absorbed by darker material. When absorbed, the energy becomes heat energy. Capillaries and collagen constrict, and this actually results in more evenly toned skin. It also kickstarts a process that results in an increase in collagen production.

During Treatment

After consulting with the client and examining the facial skin closely, we will design a customized treatment schedule. Usually, we schedule up to five treatment sessions, each spaced apart by a week or so of healing time.

A cooling gel is applied to the skin, and the instrument is pressed against the surface. The lamp is flashed for a few milliseconds. The client may feel a snapping sensation but no actual discomfort. The instrument is then moved to the next area of concern and the lamp is flashed once more. A treatment for the entire face or forehead typically takes less than an hour to complete.

After Treatment

Visual improvement may take up to a week to show up. Directly after treatment, you may experience some redness, but this should go away quickly. During the week or so between treatments, the subdermal layers are flooded with nutrients because the body is responding the same way it would to an injury. After several treatment sessions, the skin will show definite improvement in tone and texture. Although IPL is not touted as a wrinkle reduction treatment, this can come about as an added bonus.

Improve Sun-Damaged Skin Without Surgery

We offer complete consultation services for those interested in IPL treatments at Visage Cosmetic Clinic in Winnipeg. Our procedures are carefully customized to yield maximum results. Contact our office today to get more information.