Take Years Off Your Appearance with a Neck Lift in Winnipeg

January 1, 2018 By visagecc visagecc

When it comes to using surgical procedures to improve your appearance, it is good for you to get familiar with the different procedures that are available and then look at the details of each one. It is also good for you to know that when certain procedures are combined, you can get even better results than just having one of these done on its own. We would like to invite you to learn about how you can take years off your appearance with a neck lift and other lift procedures here in Winnipeg.

A neck lift is designed to get rid of that hanging skin that you have right under your chin and down your neck. Unfortunately, the aging process not only affects your facial skin, but it also affects the skin on your neck and on every other part of your body. This leads to your skin looking dry and wrinkled. Instead of being firm and pulled tight, you start seeing a lot of sagging skin. Since your neck is designed to move in different ways, wrinkles can become apparent more quickly, and sagging skin can cause you to look a lot older than you are.

Many individuals in Winnipeg have decided to have a facelift procedure done in combination with a neck lift. A facelift is designed to treat the lower portion of your face. It helps to define your jawline and improve your facial contours. When these procedures are combined, you could definitely take years off your appearance and improve the way you look. When you schedule a consultation here in our Winnipeg office, we can discuss the benefits that you can receive from not only having a neck lift, but also combining it with other surgical procedures designed to remove excess skin.

In order to qualify for a neck lift or any other surgical procedure, you need to be in overall good health. We will discuss your overall health and the types of medications you take before scheduling your neck lift procedure.

At Visage Cosmetic Center in Winnipeg, our goal is to help all of our clients have realistic expectations when considering a neck lift. After examining the condition of your skin, we will help you see what this lift can realistically do for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!