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Smooth Away Wrinkles with BOTOX in Winnipeg

December 4, 2017 By visagecc visagecc

One of the frustrating side effects of getting older is the way that aging affects your appearance. When aging and wrinkling start to change the way you look, it’s only natural for you to feel less confident. You worry that people no longer see you, but instead they see your age. Very few things can be as disheartening as someone calling you sir or ma’am for the first time because of your age. It can feel like it is too late to get your youthful appearance back. However, it’s not too late to get your youthful appearance back, and you have the power to delay the aging process at your disposal. That tool is Botox®.

BOTOX® produces the best results when it is administered by a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a trained medical practitioner.

You may have heard about BOTOX®, but you are likely wondering how it works. This injectable treatment consists of a purified protein solution that was approved by the FDA some years ago to treat dynamic wrinkles. BOTOX® treats dynamic wrinkles after it is injected into the face. The result is that forehead lines, smile lines, and similar wrinkles disappear.

BOTOX® creates temporary results that typically last four to six months. When this neuromodulator is injected in small amounts into your face, it prompts the muscles in your face to relax. As a result, the wrinkles you have developed due to repeated facial expressions begin to soften. Little by little, you will see those wrinkles fade away as you choose to smooth away wrinkles with BOTOX® in Winnipeg.

The treatment process is relatively quick and easy. Although it begins working on your facial muscles immediately, the results are not seen immediately. It’ll probably take a couple of days before you start to notice lines and wrinkles disappearing. Additionally, the results from BOTOX® are not permanent. Within a few months, you will start to see the effects wear off. If you like what the treatment did to your appearance, you can come back to our office as often as necessary for repeat injections.

BOTOX® does not come with side effects for good candidates, nor will you be required to take days off work to recover. It is a quick treatment that produces dramatic results that can improve the way you look. Here at Visage Cosmetic Clinic, we can happily help you reach your aesthetic goals at our Winnipeg location. Call today to schedule your consultation or check out our Winnipeg Botox and dermal fillers treatment page.