Get an Improved Look with a Facelift in Winnipeg

November 20, 2017 By visagecc visagecc

A facelift, known as a rhytidectomy in the medical community, is a great way to restore a naturally youthful look to the face when the skin and underlying tissues begin to show their age. Facelifts can also improve the look of the neck as well. A facelift in Winnipeg can give you a new and improved look, restoring your confidence when you are with others and helping you feel and look your best. A beautiful face will draw the eye, boost your self-image and give you back some of your youth.

While temporary options, such as dermal fillers and anti-aging serums, can do a bit to decrease fine lines and wrinkles around the face, a facelift is the only treatment that can address sagging skin across the face, chin and neck. This procedure is not used to change your appearance, but rather to optimize your appearance. You will still look like you, but your face will be restored to its more youthful proportions.

Every good facelift starts with an expert consultation. During this time, the surgeon will discuss your concerns and goals with you and will tell you all that you need to know about the procedure. You can see before-and-after pictures of other patients who have already gone through the process and will be able to discuss which options are available to you based on the concerns that you want to address.

A facelift is a surgical technique that must be done under anesthesia. However, patients can return home to rest and recuperate on the same day. You will be completely asleep throughout the process, and by the time you wake up, the procedure will be over.

Facelifts can be done in different ways depending on the surgeon’s preferred technique and your needs. During your consultation with our surgeon in Winnipeg, you can learn more about the techniques and specifics.

A facelift in Winnipeg can give you a better overall look and restore some of your self-esteem. Make an appointment at Visage Cosmetic Clinic in Winnipeg to learn more and to get started. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation!