Enjoying the Benefits of a Facelift in Winnipeg

July 2, 2018 By visagecc visagecc

Are you a Winnipeg resident who is frustrated with the way that premature aging is robbing you of your youth? If so, you may be interested in learning how you can enjoy the benefits of a facelift.

As we get older, the skin on our face and the structure of our face changes. We go from having smooth and attractive skin to having skin that is wrinkled. We go from having a plump face with a youthful structure to having a face that looks drawn out, worn out, and old.

The primary benefit of a facelift is its ability to provide a smoother, younger-looking face. Facelifts of today are drastically different than facelifts of 20 years ago. When you look at images of an individual who had a facelift a few decades ago, the fact that they had a facelift was very apparent.

Today, modern facelifts are designed to make you look younger, to make you look refreshed, and to make you look rejuvenated without making you look like you have had work done. A good procedure leaves you looking and feeling your best.

A facelift is designed to help tighten facial muscles. One of the biggest signs of aging is muscle laxity, which also leads to skin laxity. Muscle laxity is part of the reasons why fat deposits in the face shift. When all this is addressed, a person is left with a strong foundation for their face, which in turn leads to smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

A facelift offers the benefit of refreshing facial contours. Having excess fat on your face makes you look older. When that excess fat is removed, when loose skin is tightened, and when muscles are tightened, the natural contours of your face can be restored to a youthful and healthier appearance.

Are you frustrated with the way that age has affected your appearance? When you look in the mirror, do you feel like you look worn out and older than how you feel? If so, you should join many of your fellow Winnipeg residents and experience for yourself the joy and the benefits of a facelift. Contact us today at Visage Cosmetic Clinic in Winnipeg to book your consultation.