Can a Nose Job Fix Breathing Issues?

August 2, 2019 By [email protected]

Can a Nose Job Fix Breathing Issues?

When people hear the term “nose job” they typically think of a procedure that is done solely for aesthetic purposes. However, a nose job can also be performed to correct nasal obstructions and improve nasal breathing. This is referred to as a functional rhinoplasty, and it’s not entirely separate from a cosmetic rhinoplasty. A nose job can actually accomplish both functional and aesthetic enhancements in the same operation.

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Nasal Airway Obstruction

Difficulty breathing through the nose is usually related to some form of nasal airway obstruction. Common symptoms of nasal airway obstruction include mouth breathing, congestion, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, and reduced sense of smell. This problem should not be taken lightly; obstructed nasal passages can lead to sinus infections, headaches, and even sleep apnea. Fortunately, many nasal breathing issues can be corrected with a relatively simple surgery.

Common Types of Nasal Obstruction

1) Deviated Septum – occurs when the septum, a wall of cartilage separating the left and right nasal passages, is not aligned correctly. It may be crooked, twisted, or bowed—which can cause nasal blockage.

2) Nasal Polyps fleshy growths that form in the lining of the nose and sinuses. While benign, they can obstruct the nasal passages and cause breathing difficulties.

3) Enlarged Turbinates also known as turbinate hypertrophy, this occurs when sections on the outer wall of the nasal passage are enlarged or overgrown. This is especially common among frequent allergy sufferers.

4) Nasal Valve Collapse this refers to the nasal valve collapsing inward due to weakness and/or narrowness. It can occur in naturally thin noses, or noses altered by aging, trauma, surgery, etc.

Nasal Surgery: Internal vs. External Procedures

In some cases, nasal obstructions can be surgically corrected with an internal procedure—meaning that there’s no alteration to the outer portion of the nose. Deviated septums, enlarged turbinates, and nasal polyps are all examples that can be corrected internally. However, some cases of nasal breathing difficulties will require a reshaping of the external structure of the nose. In these cases, a functional rhinoplasty is necessary.

A nose job can correct any anatomical features that are contributing to decreased airflow through the nasal passages. A collapsed nasal valve is a common example of a condition that would require rhinoplasty. Generally speaking, rhinoplasty can improve noses that are pinched, twisted, collapsed, or otherwise shaped in a way that inhibits breathing.

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